Brainy Bears


Content Area: Reading

Grades:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 

Location:  Reading class in Littleton...Foothills Bible Church in the Children's Ministry, 6100S. Devinney Way, Littleton, Colorado 80127

Meeting times: Every Monday from 4:00p.m. - 5:15 p.m.


First class- August 26th

No class- September 2nd, Labor Day

No class - November 25th- Thanksgiving break

No class- December 23rd and December 30th- Christmas break

No class- January 20th- MLK Day

No class- February 17th- President's Day

No class- March 23rd- Spring break

Last class-May 18th

Class Fees:  You can pay for a month of classes at $30/class.  You can also pay per session with $35 per class.   **Sibling Pricing- $15/class for each sibling.   


The Brainy Bears program gives homeschooling children reading enrichment opportunities to support the learning that is already going on at home.  

This class is perfect for homeschooling families who are looking for reading enrichment opportunities to give their little readers a reading boost.  The teacher teaches the key elements of literacy using detailed strategies to support students and accelerate their progress. 

For all students, the teacher will use grade-appropriate strategies that are matched to each child's identified area of need whether above-, at- or below- grade level.  Student progress and growth are the key no matter where the child is academically.  

In addition to specific and intentional teacher instruction, kids will practice, collaborate, generate, share, present, and publish new learnings that they are excited about.  

Adding to the collaborative learning model that occurs in homeschooling homes, kids will learn and create new ideas by actively working together with peers while the teacher works as the facilitator of the learning.  The goal being to put the children in charge of their own learning...making them active participants in the education process with peers.  

The Brainy Bears course is a quality program with rigor and differentiation taught by an experienced, effective teacher that includes research-based curriculum and instructional practices. 

We are passionate about helping children find the joy in reading!  

Students will look forward to attending class at Thrive! Learning Camp as we will build a positive, supportive, faith-based reading community together.   


Course Details...

~access to tons of fun, on-level, high-interest books

~participation in whole-group instruction of comprehension strategies and phonics 

~time on-task reading and practicing learned reading strategies and skills

~instruction and practice in how to work and learn in/from a group of peers using the Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies

~opportunities to share thoughts about books and their characters, story lines, and plots with peers

~develop and present book commercials

~observe and model wonder and curiosity

~keep a reading log of books read 

~write about our reading

~participate in one-on-one reading 

conferences with teacher

~get inspired and motivated to read by participating in a Reading Challenge where kids read in all different scenarios, situations, and places

~celebrate our reading each week with   each other

~leave each class excited to read with books of interest in hand

So...Please consider joining us and becoming part of the Thrive! Learning Camp family as we build reading communities where children learn, grow, have fun together, and Thrive!

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