Homeschooling Hybrid Learning Opportunities


Thrive! Learning Camp is a homeschooling assistant program in Littleton, Colorado offering academic support for families who educate in the home. 

We understand the parent is at the lead of the child's education.  We honor that and are here to support their home education journey. 

Our services include reading screening, progress monitoring, and reading classes. We also offer evaluations and  testing by a certified teacher to satisfy Colorado Homeschool statues of either evaluating or testing on odd years starting in 3rd grade.   


At Thrive!  Learning Camp we understand  the parents know their children best.  We know the parent is in charge of the learning and we serve to enhance the education that is happening at home.  Along with parent input and reading screening, we can quickly identify the needs of each student and provide the parents with the data.  Staff can sit with parents and discuss instructional next steps and strategies for each individual child's needs.  In addition to providing the parents with the child's data, we can team with the parents helping them to use the information to jump start and continue their home education teaching.


Parents of elementary-aged children can also enroll their kids in Thrive's reading classes where we turn assessment data into practical, intentional, research-based instructional support for children. 


The reading classes are perfect for homeschooling families who are looking for reading enrichment opportunities for their readers.  The teacher teaches the key elements of literacy using detailed strategies to support students and accelerate their progress. 

For all students, the teacher will use grade-appropriate strategies that are matched to each child's identified area of need whether above-, at- or below- grade level. 

Student progress and growth are the key no matter where the child is academically. 

Thrive! Learning Camp supports the collaborative learning model that is happening in the home by giving children opportunities to practice, collaborate, generate, share, present, and publish new learnings that they are excited about.  Students acquire and create new ideas by actively working together with peers while the teacher works as the facilitator of the learning. 

TLC kids have a lot of opportunity to learn. They have access to books, books, and more books. They are presented with different learning situations within the courses....whole-group, small-group, collaborative peer group,  one-on-one with the teacher, and independent practice time.  

TLC courses are quality classes with rigor and differentiation taught by an experienced, effective teacher that includes research-based curriculum and instructional practices.   

Students will look forward to attending class at Thrive! Learning Camp as we serve as an extension to  the positive, supportive learning communities that are happening among and within homeschooling families.     

Thrive! Learning Camp is committed to supporting homeschooling families  in their home education journey by offering excellent academic services, programs, and classes in a Christian faith-based community.  

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