Meet the Teacher

Jewely Del Duca

I love Jesus, my family, my community, learning, and teaching.  

I am in my 18th year of teaching.  I have never stopped learning over my time as an educator.  I am a life-long learner continually researching the latest in best instructional practices and implementing them into my classroom and with my boys at home.  

I continue to learn and grow in my relationship with Jesus as well.  I think He is amazing!  I am definitely a cheerleader for Him!  I pray each day that He be with me and my family.  I work to honor Him.  I believe my work each day with students does that.  I also believe my new work with Thrive! Learning Camp is a God-honoring endeavor, and I am excited to see where He takes this!

When our boys came home from Haiti in 2014, I wanted to homeschool them.   I did not believe they were ready for the public school system as they were 3 and 4 years old when they came to us.   The thought of sending them to institutionalized schooling broke my heart since they just lived 24/7 in the institution of an orphanage in a 4th world country. I prayed God would agree that homeschooling was the right choice for our family and He would make it happen.  Well, it didn't workout the way I thought it would...we did not homeschool.  We sent our boys to a public preschool.   We prayed and prayed and prayed they would be okay.  They were.  

Fast forward almost 5 years later and we can see our boys are doing well.  I can recognize that one child would excel in the homeschool environment that I had pictured in my head and that our other kid  would not.  As a result, I have been able to really see there is not one perfect learning environment that suits every child, and parents should have choices to do what is best for their individual families.

God's plan for me was not to stay home and educate my children in that capacity, rather He wanted me to stay in the classroom and serve the community and my boys as an elementary school teacher.  He knows best.  He knew I needed to stay in the classroom.  We trusted that He would take care of our boys and that He would be with them as they attended public school.  

So both of our boys have attend school where I work since they were in kindergarten.    That has been a huge blessing.  I am only feet away from them throughout each academic day. When they need a hug, a snack, or just to check in with me...I am there.  

While I do not get to homeschool my children...I do have my oldest son in my 3rd grade classroom.   I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to educate my own child in this unique as a classroom teacher with my own son in the class!

With all of that said, I understand and respect parent-as-leader of child's education.  So, I created Thrive!  as a way to support the homeschooling  community and enhance their home education journey from a Christian faith-based perspective.  

I feel absolutely blessed to be in a capacity where I can be with children on a daily basis in the classroom and also support the homeschooling community. 

With all of my training, research, practice, heart for homeschooling, years of experience, and my love of Jesus...I understand the importance of  choice, rigor and differentiation in the education process, and I know how to  build on each individual child's strengths whether they are homeschooled or in the public education system.