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Change and growth are possible with a little bit of grit, spirit, and help...everyone needs a little help sometime...

Research shows socio-economic status has an effect on education and learning.  Simply put, kids from low economic families do not have the same access to books and quality education as do other children making it very difficult for kids from these families to reach their full potential, become life-long learners, and Thrive!  

ALL kids need access to lots of books and quality instruction.  They need chances to read the books they choose, skilled instruction that is data-based, and a chance to learn what reading is and how it works among a reading community of striving learners on the verge of Thriving! These things are often missing in the educational journey of kids from struggling families.  

And sometimes, kids and their families want to join a program like TLC but they simply can't afford it right now.    

With that, TLC will sponsor 3 students for the Summer Smarties group and another 3 for the Brainy Bears program in the fall.  Please join TLC in helping others to have access to books, quality instruction, and collaborative learning opportunities by becoming a TLC Angel.  As a TLC Angle you can sponsor a child and help them to gain a love of reading and to reach their full potential as learners.   

Please CONTACT us to either give the gift of this learning experience OR if you have a child who would benefit from this sponsorship.    

We have a sponsorship fund set aside for children of families who need this support.  

If you would like to sponsor a child or make a contribution to TLC's sponsorship fund, you may give as much or as little as you would like.  If you are a TLC family already, you may want to consider adding a small amount on to your class fees.  You can visit the Summer Smarties tab and the Brainy Bears tab for program costs.  

Please know that 100% of all sponsorship money goes to TLC kids!  

The Thrive! Learning Camp thanks you in advance for being a TLC Angel!  

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